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52mm Ring Adapter + Full ND2 Filter + Holder + Hood + 4 Pocket Pouch for Cokin P Series

Quick Overview

52mm Adapter Ring
Full ND2 Square Filter
Cokin P-Series Filter Holder
Stackable Lens Hood
4 Pocket Filter Pouch

Product Description

This Brand New 52mm metal Cokin P-series compatible adapter ring attaches to the thread of the lens

used to fit the Cokin P series filter holder with 84mm P size filter.

This Filter is substitute and Compatible with Cokin P series.

Full filters are a MUST for digital users, because the digital sensor unlike film has very low exposure

tolerance. Details will be lost on both low and high light area. To correct this, you need a filter to balance it!

How To Use:

1. Screw the ring adapter onto your lens.

2. Slide the filter holder on the ring adapter until it snaps in place.

3. Slide the filter into one of the filter holder slots which is depended by your filter's size.

The adapter and filter holder is used for setting the filters onto the camera.


1 x Full ND2 Filter + Plastic Filter Case

This Filter Holder is made of high-impact and is compatible with adapter rings and filters for the P-System

made of high impact plastic

takes up to 3 filters

includes one slot for round polarizer

sturdy design - good quality

To use the filters, an adapter ring which connects to the filter-holder has to be attached to the lens. The filter

holder can hold three filters at the same time, which allow creative use of light correction or special effects.

The same set of filters can easily be shared between lenses of different size as long as each lens has an

adapter ring installed.

This Brand New Stackable Plastic Lens Hood for Cokin P-series 84mm system.

A 4-slot filter holder pouch

It adds greater convenience and ease in many shooting situations

Easy to carry, great for field work

With a velcro closure and easy to store your filter lens

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